Benefits of Hunting Texas Game

The hunting season is coming soon this fall! Whether you’re a Texas resident or an out-of-state visitor, Texas has game and land for everyone! Here are a few benefits of hunting game in Texas on public and private lands like Texas Game Ranch

white tail mule deer as Texas gameThe Variety of Game in Texas

Texas has a variety of game, so there’s something for everyone to hunt. The major game animals in Texas are:

Texas is home to the biggest white-tailed deer population in the country. Population estimates are between three to four million and about 430,000 to 500,000 whitetails are hunted as game each year in Texas. 

TPWD’s Big Time Texas Hunts Program

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has a program for hunters to win some spectacular hunts for some of the game we listed above. For only $9/ticket per entry, hunters can enter into premium hunt packages on private ranches and wildlife management areas until October 15th. There are 10 programs as part of the Big Time Texas Hunts program and here’s a brief overview of each of them:

  1. Powderhorn Cast and Blast for hunting and fishing on 15,000+ acres at Matagorda Bay
  2. Texas Grand Slam to hunt desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, and desert mule deer
  3. Ultimate Mule Deer Hunt for 3 to 5 days in the Panhandle
  4. Premium Buck Hunt in South Texas brush country
  5. Nilgai Antelope Safari for a challenging hunt in South Texas
  6. Whitetail Bonanza for 3 to 5-day hunts on ranches and wildlife management areas
  7. Exotic Safari to hunt gemsbok or scimitar-horned oryx
  8. Gator Hunt to bring home a trophy alligator
  9. Big Time Bird Hunt for dove, waterfowl, and Rio Grande Turkey
  10. Wild Hog Adventure in Southeast Texas

If hunting Texas game sounds fun to you, why not try it on your own ranch? Reach out to Ekdahl Real Estate to look at Texas game ranches

private hunting property for Texas gameThe Hunting Lands

Texas has over 1 million acres of accessible public land throughout the Lone Star state. And the annual public hunting permit gives hunters access to almost everything the hunting program has to offer. Part of your hunting permit money goes into funding the TPWD conservatory programs. Your annual permit also allows for hunting game on public and private lands. Over 95% of Texas land is privately owned or managed. To hunt on private land, you need to get the landowner’s permission to hunt as a guest. And depending on the landowner, they might ask for payment for the access and impose further requirements. 

If all that sounds like a hassle to you, why not consider owning your own Texas game ranch? That way you only need a hunting permit each year and that’s it. No schmoozing with a landowner that might make you pay more money and force you to follow specific rules. Instead, save money and create your own rules for yourself and your friends with your own Texas game ranch! Plus, as a landowner, you’ll be able to use this Texas game ranch property as an investment. You can turn your ranch into a rental or even expand your hunting empire and offer tours and guides during the hunting season. Contact Ekdahl today about buying a Texas game ranch. 

Why Buy A Texas Game Ranch With Ekdahl Real Estate?

At Ekdahl Real Estate, we have happy clients because part of our buying process means understanding your goals. We know hunting is a large factor many of our clients consider when looking into properties. Our experience and knowledge of Texas and Texas game ranches can help you find the perfect ranch for you. We take you from the first step of the buying process to closing and beyond! We’re a resource for you, not just through the process but also after. We’re happy to provide additional resources and recommendations to help create your perfect Texas game ranch. We have various contacts with contractors and others who can help make your Texas game ranch feel like home. 

If this sounds ideal to you and you’re ready to view some Texas game ranch properties, contact us!