Creating an easy Thanksgiving tablescape that is beautiful and fund doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Our agent, Erica Pangburn, put together five different table settings to give you some inspiration to put together an easy Thanksgiving tablescape this year.


You are seeing mixed metals everywhere this year, from remodels to jewelry selections. If you look around your house, you probably have a variety of metal pieces, too. Grab those off the shelves and out of the cabinets and bring them to the table. Erica grabbed a brass bowl to stack on top of her upside-down ice bucket to give the tablescape some height. From there, she threw in her brass candle sticks, Moscow mule mugs, and metal trays she had collected over the years from antique shopping. Her favorite adds were the metal cricket and donkey figurines to add some character. She shopped her house for everything and pulled together an easy Thanksgiving tablescape.

fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving


This one may be the simplest to put together yet! It is time for you to go around your house to hunt and gather items to put together your fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving. Start by going outside to see what natural elements you can incorporate, such as tree branches and bush clippings. Erica used what she had, and that was a mesquite tree branch, crepe myrtle limb, and a piece of a sage bush. Next, go to your kitchen; what produce do you already have to give your table some color? Grab apples, oranges, pears, artichokes and use them as accents all along the length of the table. Erica even hunted her pantry and used popcorn kernels in a glass vase to give some interesting texture to her tablescape. Finally, being in Texas, your home probably has some type of fur. Grab it and drape it over the back of the chair to bring together your easy Thanksgiving tablescape.

fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving


Where are the big readers at?! Well, wouldn’t it be fun to grab all those books off the bookshelf, from our nightstands, or out of those piles under the bed and bring those books to the table? Books give lots of options for creating height, color, and interest. Stack them along the length of the table and add some candles to give some ambiance. Voilà! You’ve got an easy Thanksgiving tablescape.  Plus, some great conversation starters, too!

fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving


What’s better than seeing all of your friends come together for a night? Not having to do the dishes after dinner and being able to continue enjoying your company! This No Dirty Dishes Friendsgiving table inspiration is perfect for easy clean-up and keeping the focus on what’s important: quality time. Everything on this easy Thanksgiving table idea is disposable, from plates and napkins to silverware and drinkware. Nothing needs to make its way to your kitchen sink following dinner; that is the ultimate time saver for any hostess. Pro tip: stock up on discounted fall-inspired table settings following Thanksgiving and keep these on hand to be prepared for your next Friendsgiving.

fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving


If there are two or more children coming to your house for Thanksgiving, then you need a kid’s table. Head to your local craft store and grab a giant roll of brown craft paper and a box of crayons. On the day of, once the kids arrive send the kids off with the paper and crayons and let them get to work coloring. This will get them off their phones and out of the kitchen. Up the fun level by setting out the leftover Halloween candy and anything else fun you have for the kids. Today is the day for cokes, cookies, candy, and crayons! Leave the crayons out while they eat to let them doodle and continue the fun at their easy Thanksgiving tablescape.  It is sure to be a tradition that sticks with them for years to come!

fun and beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tablescape inspirations. Think about what themes you have in your home or pieces you could pull together to make an easy Thanksgiving tablescape. We would love to know what you think and how they inspired you this Thanksgiving on our Facebook or Instagram posts. Our agent, Erica Pangburn, would be happy to help you scavenge around your house to help you put together an easy Thanksgiving tablescape. Happy Thanksgiving!