When buying farm and ranch land, many customers may not realize the lending and financing options available to them, including Farm Credit Lending in Texas. These unique programs are ideally suited for farm and agricultural properties. They help creatively finance your investment outside of commercial banks and lenders. Ekdahl Real Estate has some of the top contacts in the land financing industry, including farm and ranch lending associations and programs to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible outcome.

Interested in securing farm credit lending for yourself? We put together advice from one of our  top agents, Dan Byerly, who has 7 years in the farm credit lending business and over 21 years in the commercial bank lending business. Dan outlines some principles and ideas to consider when considering your financing options. 

Find a Trusted Partner for Farm Credit Lending in Texas

aerial image of a farm in West Texas - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateIf you don’t already have a trusted lender, work with your real estate agent to find one in your area. It’s important to find a professional you trust to guide you through the process and who has your best interests at the forefront of their mind rather than trying to make a deal.  Instead of contacting your local bank, consider visiting with a farm credit organization. Farm credit organizations are sometimes more knowledgeable about land purchases and have more options to fit the lending needs of a land purchase. 

Our local Capital Farm Credit agency has a great reputation with our clients, and we highly recommend our clients to our trusted lenders there. Other farm credit lending in Texas options include AgTrust Farm Credit, Texas Farm Credit, and Central Texas Farm Credit.

Ask About AgFast Programs

Within the farm credit lending industry, there is a well-known program called AgFast that can be utilized for varying size loans to purchase land and equipment. AgFast is a convenient program requiring minimal work on the buyer’s part, making it a smooth and simple process to own your own piece of land. The requirements are usually minimal when compared to the requirements at community banks and other commercial lenders. 

Why Choose Farm Credit?

Land purchases can usually be a larger loan than your typical residential home or vehicle purchase. Choosing farm credit lending in Texas is a good option with a larger loan amount because the interest rates are extremely competitive while also offering the benefits of patronage payments. These are also sometimes called a dividend, which is effectively a repayment of the interest paid on the loan back to the borrower. Ask your other lender for some of the interest back and see what they say. Their loan may be more expensive upfront, but you will likely be able to own your property and equipment faster in the end. 

According to the USDA’s website, farm ownership loans help family businesses scale faster and grow into future generations by offering up to 100% financing and helpful resources. If you’re looking to buy farm or ranch land in Texas, call us! Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate’s team of elite and knowledgeable real estate agents can assist you through the process!

Get Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Supporting Your Community

aerial image of farm property - ekdahl nelson real estateWhen you invest in farm credit lending in Texas, you’re supporting local, rural development. Beyond individual loans, Farm Credit institutions support rural infrastructure, services for the community, and economic development projects that can contribute to the health of rural areas. You can also ask about educational resources and financial advice that can help your farm grow.

Why Work with Ekdahl Real Estate?

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