When deer and hunting season has come and gone, it’s time to focus on preparing your Texas hunting land for next year. Whether you scored a trophy-worthy duck or are already dreaming of your next hunt, you can use your time prepare your property or look for your own Texas hunting land for sale for the dream season you’re looking for.

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Use Supplemental Feed Options to Nurture Your Trophy Game

Image of winding creek ranch to convey what to look for in Hunting Ranches for Sale in Texas - Ekdahl Nelson Real EstateAfter a thrilling hunting season, the toughest time for deer is when they come out of rutting. During winter months, there’s very little forage available to feed and thrive. Investing in food plots and protein feeders are quality options to ensure the deer on your property have enough quality food sources to build their bodies back up for the next season.

Ideally, you should plant some wheat or winter grass in the early fall or winter to provide as a food source when the native grasses are dormant. It’s a also a great time to invest in tools to help nurture your foliage and feed. If you do not have access to a piece of equipment, you may be able to connect with a local landowner or farmer who you could pay to sow it for you. 

An easier option may just be installing feeders to add a supplemental feed source for the deer on your property. Like a corn feeder, a protein feeder is made specifically out of protein pellets. Your local farm and ranch supply store or hunting store will have a variety of options for you to choose from for your Texas hunting land. 

Pay attention to antlers. Bucks start growing their antlers in the spring, making your prep at the beginning of the year  food and nutrients they will need during this time. Growing antlers takes a lot of energy from them. Trophy-game management is a year-round process! 

Remember, the goal is to prepare your property now for next year’s hunting season. Your strategy should include giving your game the best opportunity to grow and thrive in the offseason.

Check on Your Water Resources and Distribution

The beginning of the year is also a good time to evaluate your water resources and plan for any changes or additions in the coming months. Clean out your tanks while the water levels are lower and make repairs as needed to troughs. You should also consider installing a self-filling guzzler.  

The goal is to ensure wildlife is never more than half a mile away from a drink of water on your property. In other words, you need a water source every mile on your property. 

If your property is lacking a high-quality water source, it’s a good idea to consider adding in some tanks or water sources to enhance the habitat of your property. Getting out on your property using a big piece of machinery is one of the highlights of enjoying your property in the off-season. 

Focus on Ranch Maintenance

When the hunting season ends, it’s time to do maintenance work on your Texas hunting land or ranch. Getting to work right after hunting season ends means less disruption to your wildlife. Wildlife will feel more at ease when coming across your hunting spots when you’re not disturbing their habitat. You can also spend time filling your feeders and setting up game cameras right before deer season starts up again.

Strategize Your Predator Control

deer on deer hunting land for sale in TexasPredator control is an ongoing task as a property owner, especially if you’re looking for new Texas hunting land for sale. Before deer season starts up, focus on removing coyotes from your property before July. You can help protect fawns being born during the summer from being picked off by coyotes. It’s usually not possible to remove all the coyotes from a property, but it can help increase your deer population and give fawns a better chance to grow into deer season.

Make Adjustments to Game Cameras and Install New Ones

Now is the time to make any changes or adjustments to the placements of your game cameras. Many options on the market today will allow you to instantly see what is happening on your property year-round. One of our Ekdahl Nelson Real Estate agents loves using old-school cameras on the property to check the game camera for the big buck you’re tracking for the next season.

Look for Texas Hunting Land for Sale 

If you’re dissatisfied with your property or want your own place to hunt, now is the perfect time to look for Texas hunting land for sale. Our agents are more than just real estate professionals, we also love to hunt. We specialize in the best Texas hunting land, ranches, farms, single-family homes, and more. We’ll help you consider how much space you need, foliage, terrain, water sources, deer workshops, and more.

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