All Butch wanted was to be at the ranch. It was more than just the open spaces and ranch lifestyle though. It was his grandad. Butch admired and respected his grandad more than anyone else in the world. He taught Butch a lot about life and living.

Butch shares about the letters he and his grandad would write to one another while he was growing up. He would tell Butch all about what was going on at the ranch. Butch spent a lot of his childhood summers on the ranch. His grandad taught him about riding horses, caring for cattle and even how to swim in the concrete water tanks on the ranch.

Some of Butch’s most treasured moments with his grandad are from their dish washing conversations. J.D. was the washer and Butch was the dryer. Butch shares a particularly memorable conversation they had about the future of the ranch. J.D.’s legacy lives on through the J.D. Patterson Ranch and all the history it holds, but even more so in Butch.