Admiration and respect beams from Butch as he talks about his grandparents in Episode 8. For years, he began and ended his days eating with Aunt Vada and JD, which is what everyone around the area fondly called his grandmother and grandaddy.


Breakfast and dinner were all served at the same long table that still sits in the ranch house headquarters today. JD cooked all the meals and he would feed all the cowboys, who worked on the ranch. The table could sit up to 16 and there were times when every chair was filled. Especially, during the economic hard times when the schools started to close down.


Aunt Vada and JD opened their home to numerous children who came to live on the ranch. They fed each of them and provided a place for them to stay in the bunk house. Ranching was never an easy way to make a living but with people as good as gold like Aunt Vada and JD there was always more than enough to go around.