Before there were welders, there were blacksmiths. These days true blacksmiths and their shops are few and far between. Over 50 years later, a true blacksmith’s work has stood the test of time across the Patterson Ranch.

J.D. Patterson’s uncle built all the gates, hooks and hinges across the Patterson Ranch for every fence line and cattle pen. He went by Uncle Jasper and was a true blacksmith. Even late in his life, Uncle Jasper crafted and forged every hinge and gate needed. The only help he received was getting the gate close to where it needed to be set. Uncle Jasper would set it the gate all on his own.

Uncle Jasper’s blacksmith shop still stands on the property and houses all of his original equipment. Butch shares a story about Uncle Jasper’s pet racing snake, who called the blacksmith shop home and kept all the mice away.

Uncle Jasper must have been quite the fella with his handiwork and his company