Dove season is upon us, and Texas hunters are eagerly waiting to kick of the fall hunting season. For North and Central Texas, opening day is September 1. The season runs through November 12 for North Texas, and October 29 for Central Texas. The South Texas season opens September 14 and ends October 29. Visit Texas Parks and Wildlife for a full list of the 2023-2024 hunting season.

It is pretty simple to have a great time while dove hunting. The keys to having a great time, of course, are lots of birds flying and good company. At least, if the birds are not flying, you have your buddies with you to ensure a great time. We have five tips for a great dove hunt, though.

  1. Find the water, find the birds.

Water is essential for birds. Obviously, it is essential for survival. When thinking about hunting though, setting up near a water source is a great idea to ensure the birds will be flying. A tank or a natural water source like a river or steam are all great spots to ensure a great dove hunt.

  1. Identify a feed source and roosting.

Remember birds mainly do three things – roost, fly, and eat. They are usually making their way from either roosting to feeding or feeding to roosting. Finding a feed source like a grain field, such as milo, corn, or wheat, or if you’re lucky a pasture overrun with native, common sunflowers are great options for a great dove hunt.

  1. Watch out for the locals.

We aren’t talking about the local residential residents; we mean the residents of the outdoors. For a great dove hunt and to avoid a trip to the local emergency room, be aware of what the local venomous snakes and native poisonous plants are for the area you are hunting in. In West Texas, rattlesnakes are what we keep our eye peeled for. Some folks even sport snake boots to ensure they can take the shot and not wind up with a bite from a well-camouflaged rattler. 

  1. Take in the golden hour.

The best time to hunt for a great dove hunt is at dusk and dawn. The early morning and late afternoon hours when temperatures are cooler is when you will find more birds moving around. One because it is cooler, and two, they will be flying from feeding to roosting, or the opposite. While you’re out don’t forget to stop and enjoy the beauty in the sunrise and the sunsets. The golden hours are some of the best times of day to take in the beauty of the great outdoors.

  1. Lots of cold beer.

An ice-cold beer to end your hunt and enjoy while you clean your birds just hits different. It is a necessity to bring along to celebrate your limit or to switch past times if the birds aren’t flying. You can at least watch the sunset and enjoy a cold one.

We wish you a great dove hunt this season. Be sure to tag us in your limit photos or send them to our team. We would love to feature them on our socials for Trophy Tuesday. If you are in need of a great hunting spot, be sure to check out our farm and ranch listings or give us a call to help find the right place for you.