Texas deer hunting season is just over a month away. Before heading out to hunt on opening weekend, ensure your hunting ranch is ready by checking off our deer season prep checklist.


A key to growing trophy game on your hunting ranch is good groceries. You can help ensure the deer crossing your place are well-fed by planting a food plot, such as winter oats, wheat, or triticale. Ideally, plant these grains the first part of September, but better late than never as most won’t take off until the cooler temperatures hit.


Over the summer, some of the locals, such as raccoons, possums, wasps, or spiders, may have taken up residence in your blind. Nothing is worse than finding some unexpected guests before sunrise on opening day. Bring out the mower or weed eater to trim down the overgrown weeds and grass surrounding the blind. If you plan on bringing your wife or children out to hunt, they will be especially grateful the blind is clear of guests and easily accessed.


If you haven’t installed a feeder yet, be sure to get one out there and fill it up. This will give the deer in the area enough time to find the feeder and start frequenting it. During deer season, you can purchase deer feed for your hunting ranch from nearly anywhere in Texas. Gas stations, Walmart, Tractor Supply, and other local stores will carry some type of deer corn to fill up your feeder.


While you are out there setting up the feeder, make sure you bring your game camera gear to install, too. Setting up a game camera is a great way to keep an eye on your feeder and track what trophy game is coming across your hunting ranch. The timestamp on the images is a great way to track what time those big bucks make their way in so you can be set up in the blind and not scare them off.

Getting your hunting ranch ready for deer season is part of the fun of having your own hunting place. Being out there on your own place, tending to it, getting dirty, and probably sweaty is all wrapped into the pride you feel when you see your trophy buck hanging on the wall. Best of luck out there. May the deer by plenty, and your shot be precise.