In our last episode, we talked about the beginnings of the Patterson Ranch. You can get caught up on the journey and see the first episode here

Today we’re talking more about the Patterson family and their journey. Living on a ranch is what Butch Nuding always wanted in life. He grew up all over moving around with his father’s career in the United States Air Force. Living on a ranch was always a dream to him.

Butch went to Texas A&M University to play football after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, Butch would become injured and no longer able to play. As a young man, ranch life was more appealing than attending college classes.

Butch shares the conversation he had with his grandad, J.D. Patterson, about working on the ranch. While it was probably the best decision at the time, to Butch it will forever be the biggest mistake of his life.

After graduating with his degree, Butch began living on the ranch and started building his life and living his dream on on the ranch.

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