What really makes a great hunting season? Is it the massive ten-point buck you take down? Or is it something more? No doubt, there is no other feeling than taking a shot at an awesome buck and bringing it down. See all the buck fever videos on social media these days. But it’s not always about the trophy, wall-hanging prize.

Talking with our fellow agents who are avid hunters and our clients, the most treasured aspect of their land is the spots where they share memories with their families. Riding across the property during hunting season to the deer blind, and to fill up feeders. When our clients are looking for a ranch, wildlife is a priority but so is whether the property can be a gathering place for their family and friends during hunting season.

So, what really makes a great hunting season then? We think it’s about the memories. The memories recalled from your childhood that hold a special place in your heart. It’s about making new memories for your children to one day look back on and hold dear in their hearts. It’s about those quiet moments during the busyness of life with your spouse watching the sunrise or sunset in the deer blind. It’s about the space the great outdoors permanently holds for you to come and enjoy. Somehow it always gives us just what we need. Just like the holiday season, the hunting season has it’s own way of creating special memories in our hearts.

Ready to have a place to have a great hunting season? Contact us today and let us see what piece of land we can make your own. We are ready to help you find the right property to create memories and gather your family and friends. All to share the love of the outdoors with your loved ones. Check out our reel about this below featuring our agent Shane Burgin and his family.