If you have ever been to a rodeo you will have an idea of what Butch is talking about in this episode. Butch spent every day out on the range checking cattle, and sometimes things got a little western. He recounts a couple of those incidents in this episode.

Compared to what Butch describes, a rodeo is merely a fenced in version. Butch’s accounts are gritty and take place in an untamed wilderness. From a run-in with a tree on horseback while chasing a stray cow to a breakaway bull defying authority, Butch had a whole lot of luck that allowed him to at least hobble away.

Cowboys are truly a breed of their own. An even stronger and more authentic cowboy is bred, when their skills are put to the test out on the open range tending to cattle to make a living. Some say they are a dying breed, but as long as there is still beef in the grocery store, there is likely still a cowboy whose had things get a little western for him too.